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GOP led ACC takes aim at homeowners and small companies

January 26, 2013

So the Arizona ACC just put a bullet in the solar renewable market. Corporations no longer have access to the funds the corporations put into the system to fund solar projects (all funds for APS renewable energy incentives ultimately come from a surcharge on customers – the residential incentive is down to $.10/watt – or about $500 on a 20k project).

So who does get the money? APS – for utility level solar projects. In other words – if you are a monopoly provider/ginormous corporation – the Arizona Corporation Commission has your back.

If you are a customer of APS – you are welcome to pay into the system (which was designed to expand distributed energy) – but you will see no benefit from it.

Elections have consequences. Arizona citizens voted in the right wing GOP anti-solar extremists. And this is their first of many, many actions to kill renewable energy in “the sunshine state”

Arizona solar industry unloads on corporation commission for cutting commercial incentives – Phoenix Business Journal.


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